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  3. IN DARKEST CLEVELAND Supernatural Mystery. (2023)
  4. BLACK BONES JONES Horror. Ex-slave, Ex-soldier, Exorcist. (2023)
  5. SILVER BULLET SADIE YA paranormal fantasy (2024)
  6. THE BLACKER THE BERRY Book Two, Eddie Gideon Mysteries (2024)
  7. THE NAME OF THE GAME Motivational Workbook. (2024)


Be Epic in 2023! 
This 21-day workbook & journal is packed with empowering methods for goal setting, habit tracking, and finishing what you start. Co-author: Aaron Silverman

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PUBLISHED 03.21.22

#1 New Release in Black Detective Mysteries!

"I'm thirty-eight, divorced, in good health, with no desire to bear any of the politically correct, hyphenated cultural distinctions that appear to be in fashion these days. I'm a Black man, plain and simple. I’ve been shot, beaten up, and threatened. But these are normal occurrences in the life of a private investigator."

Eddie is jolted awake with two guns in his face and a dead body on his bed. He’s naked, handcuffed, and has no memory of what happened to the woman he loves.

But nobody’s better at finding the truth than Private Investigator Eddie Gideon.

He'll discover she was nothing more than an illusion—a lie dressed in silk stockings and Jimmy Choo pumps, with a fiancé on the side—behind a plot for corruption, greed, murder, and the oldest of sins.

Something so scandalous you’ll need to take TWO FOR THE PAIN.

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