Be Relentless

By James Moorer - July 8, 2024
Be Relentless

The Next Time the Fears and Doubts come for you, say this out loud:

If I was less than nothing, why You trying so hard?
Why you always on my jock on trying to catch me off guard?
That might have worked when I was eight, nine, or ten.
But today, son you had better think again.

See, every pain I've endured and been through
Has been my preparation for dealing with suckers like you.
Years of struggling and triumph and loss
Have made me a student, a teacher, The Boss.

And while you think with my fears you still can scar
You forgot how I became a mother freaking star
Not on the backs of the bright and the gifted
But every moment and everyone I've uplifted.

See in my weakness there came perfection
In my confusion there came a direction
A purpose, a plan that was Heavenly inspired
A tale so epic and so greatly desired

That revealed not only the Light in Me
But the light in every man and woman I see
And in that light another chance to bring praise
To a soul that's been wronged, bruised, and enslaved

To help every person climb outta that pit
And escape That Voice that's always talkin' shit
But with no proof than the mistakes of the past
To at last tell that Voice to Kiss your shiny ass.

So this voice all a sudden got quiet and still
No longer trying to quietly move in for the kill.
No longer throwing in my face all of my errors
No longer powered by my fears, doubts, and my terrors

Because my terrors and my fears have been erased
And with Power, Love and Faith been replaced
So there's no room to question, no room for doubt
See I made a decision and now, I go all out.

Live the life that you were intended
And only in prayer should your knees be bended
Never bow down to pain of the past
Never surrender to a hurt that won't last

Never hold on to a shame long forgotten
And never let someone else's pain make you rotten.
Be at peace, be at joy even in the midst of the storm
Be the gift to the world for which YOU were born.

And when your haters remain angry and hectic
Remind them, My name is Relentless, and Yes, I am Epic.

Go. Be. Epic.



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