By James Moorer - June 21, 2024
Friends,It's about to get REAL.JM=====- PRESS RELEASE from One Moorer -Los Angeles - One Moorer CEO James Moorer announced today that he has begun offering executive consultations to Roadmap Writers, a company that has helped over 350 writers gain representation.One Moorer is a media and management company that specializes in book-to-screen projects and seeks to amplify underrepresented voices. James Moorer served as Roadmap Writers' Director of Outreach & Diversity initiatives from 2021-2024."I'm happy to make this transition. I've enjoyed my time as part of the RW crew, and although I'm no longer part of the team, I'll still be family. So far, ...
By James Moorer - June 14, 2024
I recently had a one-on-one interview on the podcast, "A Conversation With Host Floyd Marshall Jr," during which I made a "little" announcement. You can watch it here:Flipping the Script: Horror with a Side of Pancakes with James MoorerGo Be Epic,JM
By James Moorer - June 12, 2024
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By James Moorer - June 3, 2024
We must forever give up this notion that we must live in fear because someone told you to be afraid, or because you spent hours, days, focusing on your fear and allowing it to determine the choices you will make, the people you will like, and what a good successful person looks like. Screw that bullcrap. Look in the mirror. THAT IS WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE. You can embrace the excuses, the naysayers and all the negative things that have kept you frozen and ineffective in life or you can make a choice to go 180 degrees in a POSITIVE ...
By James Moorer - May 30, 2024
In my quest to support writers from all communities, I'm calling upon everyone's help with a very special request.GLAD DAY, the world's oldest Queer Bookstore needs your help.Due to COVID-19, this world-renowned bookstore has fallen on hard times and needs to raise money to keep its doors open.Established in 1970, one year after the Stonewall Riots, Glad Day has stood at the forefront of helping LGBTQ+ Writers have a safe space and an outlet for those seeking stories that represent Queer Voices.Please help with whatever you can to preserve this landmark institution and help Queer writers and lovers of queer ...
By James Moorer - May 10, 2024
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By James Moorer - May 6, 2024
We don't simply dream the dream. We visualize the dream. We live the dream. We eat the dream. We study the dream. We work the dream. Dreaming is enough. There's an old saying among the culture, "You can talk about it or you can be about it." And to Be About It, means you are willing to work and fight. Fight your fears, doubts, and insecurities. Not just when you feel like it, but most often when you don't. That's the Discipline that becomes the craving our Given Greatness inspires. When you crave a better life, to be all that ...
By James Moorer - April 15, 2024
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By James Moorer - April 10, 2024
One Moorer is having a BOGO 50% off sale for Mother's Day -- order early so your gift will arrive on time!
By James Moorer - April 1, 2024
Your job is to live an Epic Life. How that is defined has nothing to do with how much money you or where you live. YOU DEFINE YOUR EPICNESS. Your Epic Life has NOTHING to do with your feelings. HATE is a feeling and can be wrapped in Love, Patriotism, or Righteousness when focused AGAINST someone else. THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB! YOUR FEELINGS DO NOT MATTER! To be Epic is to be UNCOMFORTABLE. Don't attempt to do good simply by offering an opinion alone, put some action behind it or else you are a part of the DISEASE that ...