Epic Morning Routine

By James Moorer - April 11, 2023
Epic Morning Routine

One of my new Tenets of Living an Epic Life is disciplining myself to be selfish about the start and end of my day. Basically, THE FIRST AND LAST HOURS of your day must be sacred and given only to YOU.

Now, I understand, that's tough if you've got a family and/or a career, and I'm not ignorant of the fact that life comes rushing at you the very second your mind engages.

But here's the thing. You gotta be SELFISH. 

YOU must CONTROL what you take in, see, and hear, in the first hour of your day. You must utilize this time... NOT TO LAY IN BED AFTER YOU HIT THE SNOOZE!!!! But to awaken your own mind to your GIVEN GREATNESS. You have to take the reins and GIVE to yourself so that YOU CAN effectively GIVE to the world around you. 

How you start your day, sets the tone of your entire day.

Ever see that commercial where the Mom holds up her finger to shush her kids until she finishes her coffee? That's the kind of selfish behavior I'm speaking of. Whether it's just a quiet moment of meditation, the gym, music, or whatever that looks like for you. BE SELFISH AND BE GRATEFUL that by doing so, you are now EMPOWERED to give to those around you. 

And repeat this at the end of your day. Unload all the day's problems, cares, and worries. Unpack all that crap and throw it away. Count your victories and not what you failed to accomplish. Unless you didn't get out of bed, you damn well WON something. Raise that high. The more Epic YOU ARE, so too shall your world be...

Go. Be. Epic. 


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