Fighting Fear

By James Moorer - May 2, 2022
Fighting Fear
This is Important...
Without Proper Focus, fear will feed on you.
If you've been programmed to only see your lack, your deficiency, and what you don't have then Fear has become your Master. 
And those who feed you that fear are the Servants of Death, Dis-Ease, and every Discomfort in your life. 
Your Issue: You have silently accepted them and their lies without question. Because their voices are legion, your mind considers that what they say about you must be true.
But that is a lie.
YOU have to make a decision, one that requires you to completely commit to all that been given to and for you.
And what has been given to us?
Why else would fear work so hard to keep you down and defeated? Why would fear send people into your life to continually keep you focused on what IT WANTS AND NOT WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE?
Stop assuming that you lack anything. 
Start focusing on what you were given and what you can become if you MAKE A DECISION TO BELIEVE THE BEST IN YOU.
Fear is afraid of you knowing who you truly are and all you can become. 
Make Fear piss his pants today.
Go. Be. Epic. 

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