How to Finish Your Script

By James Moorer - January 29, 2022
How to Finish Your Script
In Case You Forgot...
Without question, I love helping other writers get traction on their careers, make moves that lead them to live their dream working in this industry. 
But don't get it twisted.
I am first, last, and always a Screenwriter.
As I am closing in on completing my first script of the new year, let us not forget the eternal rule that got me this far.
I firmly believe in pushing hard on my craft, leaning into that which most often is uncomfortable, and ever approaching what I do with the spirit of an eager student and the mind of a businessman.
That's the balance, the dance to maintain Faith and Sanity in a world where self-doubt comes as often as a waitress filling your coffee cup for the fifth time.
But there are lives we and there are those we choose.
With all its faults and inconsistencies, I chose to be in this profession and I have zero regrets.  Rarely if ever will you catch me bitching about it, but rather continuing to create in spite of it. 
So I applaud anyone who has made the same choice, knowing the height and depth of what we have to go through and why most other people could not walk a week in our shoes.
Hold your head high when people ask about your profession.
And should they have the gall to ask if you have a backup plan?
Stare them squarely in the face and tell them...
Not everybody is built for this. 
Raise your glass to those who are.
I said what I said.

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