It's not selfish, it's Tactical.

By James Moorer - February 5, 2024
It's not selfish, it's Tactical.

As a rule, I never get out of bed without first speaking gratitude for all my blessings and humility for the greatness I am given. I make a thankful declaration of who I am in mind, body, and spirit.

It doesn't mean that I'm perfect but rather in spite of my imperfections, | am still loved, cherished, adored, and highly favored. That's my focus even before my feet hit the floor.

The mistake many people make is focusing on their lack their problems, and their uncertainty about their own ability to overcome the challenges of the day. I guarantee you someone reading this did exactly that this morning, and why?

We've been conditioned to start our day with an assessment of not only our problems, but the problems of those closest to us and the world around us. Parents, ever have your kids rush into your bedroom with a problem even before you open your eyes? Or how about your spouse blindsides you with a problem before you can get a cup of coffee? Or the biggest culprit, turning on the news.

We've been programmed to put everyone else ahead of our own wellbeing to the point that when we fall apart, we have the nerve to feel like we let the world down when we couldn't pull it together. The real mistake is not taking care of yourself first.

What good are you to your family. job. and dreams if you're not healthy and whole? If you're not, you're just like a car with no oil waiting to fall apart. The discipline is to MAKE TIME DAILY for you before everyone else.

It's not selfish, it's Tactical.

Doing this assures that you are ready for whatever the day brings. Doing this consistently becomes your new programming, one that SERVES YOU instead of the other way around. It's a daily gut-check for your Given Greatness. It allows you to say AND HEAR who you are and be thankful for all you're blessed with.

And it emboldens you every day.

Go. Be. Epic.



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