A Mother's Day Message

By James Moorer - May 8, 2022
A Mother's Day Message
Raising hand...
Mothers make life better.
We don't appreciate it enough. 
We often take them for granted.
We never tell them we love them enough. 
We miss the things they protect us from. 
But they are essential. 
We'd fall apart without them.
We'd dress funny and ridiculously 
We'd burn every dinner. 
We'd never get out of bed on time. 
But today we can tell them, show them.
We can give them the flowers they've always deserved. 
And we can love on them like today will never end.
So do that.
Because one day without a whisper 
She will be gone and you will miss her. 
And that ache you feel one that day.
Is the ache that will never go away 
Though you won't always feel that sorrow 
The that will still be there tomorrow. 
So don't wait until you plead for grace.
Tell her you love her right to her face.
Bless her with all the love you can show 
Because my dear one,  you never know. 
Go love on your Mom.
Do it for those of us who can't. 
Happy Mothers Day, 
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