By James Moorer - January 1, 2023

Did you wake up this morning thinking how great you are or about the issues you have to face today? Was the first thing you spoke today something affirming to yourself or a loved one or did you groan about the day to come?

Did you stare at yourself in the mirror without taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of you? Did you jump out of bed or did you pull the covers back over your head and tell yourself, "I’M NOT READY?"

Think about that. How many times a week, a month, in the last decade have you risen to a new day and before you put feet to floor, said to yourself, "I'M NOT READY?" 

You've reminded yourself now, maybe for years, that in spite of every dream, every opportunity that has been created, fearfully and wonderfully, especially for you... you're not ready for. Who does that? Well... WE DO. 

We've done it so often we don't recognize the damaging effect that one drop of negativity has had on our lives. That first thought, seconds after you lift your head isn't to say to yourself, "HELL YES!!! I GET ANOTHER TO BE AWESOME!" Or,  "THANK GOD, I HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO FULFILL MY DREAM." Because it was easier to roll over and whisper to ourselves, "I'm not ready."

A single drop of water, every day, in the same spot can crush a house. Because that drop has weight, not in the day, but over time, it becomes a cup, a glass, a bucket... an ocean of improper thinking that can crush every dream in its path. 

This is why I call the path to becoming Epic... a battle. We must actively FIGHT the whispers we have been lulled into giving authority in our lives. Whispers that tell us we're not ready, not good enough, not worthy. But I say to you that they are lies. Lies designed to destroy you and keep you from all that you were meant to be. 

So tomorrow, when you rise... RISE. Get on your feet, breathe deep, and proclaim that you are blessed, favored, and powerful... EPIC. So my Epic friends... Are you ready?

Then let us Go. Be. Epic.


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