Roll Out vs. Roll Over

By James Moorer - June 9, 2022
Roll Out vs. Roll Over

Like many tools meant for our good, the alarm clock has been misused by almost everyone for decades. Why? Because so many of you have conditioned yourself, that the moment you hear that sound, your response is NOT to ROLL OUT. But ROLL OVER. 

You can continue to dream, or you can put your boots to the ground and get things done. You can accomplish your goals but not without action. Every wasted moment just delays you from continuing on your path. 

How often has five or ten minutes turned into thirty or more? How many hours, days, or months have you lost by rolling over and not rolling out? WHEN YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE. That's not a catch phrase or slogan. It's a TRUTH. 

You can't live your dreams while lounging in bed. But if you're serious about your life, growth, and being epic then I challenge you to do something: 

Enjoy your weekend, sleep late, relax, refocus, and re-energize. 

On Sunday night, set your alarm with a purpose. A purpose to get after your dreams with conviction and drive. A purpose that when the alarm sounds, you are ready to attack the day with clarity and vision. 

Start with one small VICTORY on Monday morning. Continue with more small victories and you'll see them grow into larger victories until your ultimate victory.

Go. Be. Epic.


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