The Conquering Mind

By James Moorer - July 3, 2023
The Conquering Mind

Let me be clear... the weakest, most destructive people on the planet are those with A CONQUERED MIND. 

A CONQUERED MIND seeks to conquer and rule over others because they have failed to figure out how to overcome their own fears and doubts. A CONQUERED MIND doesn't seek accountability, but rather is quick to blame others for problems they should have handled themselves. A CONQUERED MIND needs other CONQUERED MINDS to support and supplant the fear they have bowed down to willingly. A CONQUERED MIND will swallow a lie before it will sip the truth. 


Understands the journey isn't easy, but necessary to live a good life. It believes that despite the fears and doubts we have, rising above them is essential for a great life. 

And A CONQUERING MIND will fight every fear and doubt and lie with profound determination and discipline.  It will meet every challenge boldly and assured in the Given Greatness within us. 

A CONQUERING MIND uplifts instead of tearing down.

It heals everyone around them and shields their heart with Love and the Fire of Truth.

And we don't beg for a damn thing. 


Go. Be. Epic. 


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