What does success look like?

By James Moorer - June 3, 2024
What does success look like?

We must forever give up this notion that we must live in fear because someone told you to be afraid, or because you spent hours, days, focusing on your fear and allowing it to determine the choices you will make, the people you will like, and what a good successful person looks like.

Screw that bullcrap. Look in the mirror. THAT IS WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE.

You can embrace the excuses, the naysayers and all the negative things that have kept you frozen and ineffective in life or you can make a choice to go 180 degrees in a POSITIVE direction. You can take a stand. Turn away from all of the things that feed your fear. Have the faith to believe you were meant for GREATNESS. Acknowledge that GREATNESS has been given to you before you did anything to earn it. STOP speaking negative into your own life!!!

Some of you will read this and come up with excuses and offer up your sorrows and excuses rather than simply ACCEPT THIS GIFT and believe you deserve to be encouraged.

But the world needs HEROES. And while you lie there trying to decide if you FEEL like it, somebody YOU are supposed to bless today won't be.

The Four Most Hated words in your life should be: "BUT I FEEL LIKE..." Nobody asked you about your feelings. We have work to do. We have dreams and goals to achieve. Your feelings don't matter, putting in the work does.

Get the hell out of your COMFORT ZONE. The reason you haven't achieved is because you always trying to be COMFORTABLE. Enough with the damn excuses, enough with the SADSACK melancholy attitude you wear like a badge of honor. Get...the hell...UP!

You're not required to be perfect. You're required to make a difference.

Suck it up. Shut it down. Show us what YOU have been given.

Go. Be. Epic.



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