You are the Blessing

By James Moorer - December 12, 2023
You are the Blessing

How often must it be repeated,
That you or your life is not defeated?
How many times must it be said,
Before you rise and lift your head?

Before you finally get a clue,
With everything that you've been through,
That you are one of the chosen few,
And there is a Love that is Bigger Than You?

And if you cut out all that chatter
And stop listening to idiots who don’t care or matter,
And stop relying on lies that you've been told
And take that step and finally be bold.

Forget about what happened last September,
Stop punishing yourself for a dark surrender,
Or the mistakes you made one night in November
Because you're the only one who wants to remember.

Make this today your declaration
Because there is no longer condemnation
And whatever your issue or your frustration
Accept and embrace this revelation...

You are Loved and You are Amazing
You are the fire that sets someone's heart blazing
You are the hand so worthy of caressing
Stop worrying about being blessed because you are the Blessing.

Now go out and save somebody.

Go. Be. Epic. 


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