Are you on autopilot?

By James Moorer - March 4, 2024
Are you on autopilot?

What's playing in the background of your life right now? This is something You be EXTREMELY AWARE OF. Most of us start our day on AUTOPILOT, allowing the noise of the day to flow into us without realizing the damage it's doing. This is UNINTENTIONAL SABOTAGE.

It's easy to let other people influence our thoughts and decisions. Nine times out of the world's opinions lead to divisive and destructive actions AGAINST everything you are trying to accomplish. It's the worst kind of programming.

What you do with the first 30 minutes of your day is so damn crucial, so ridiculously important, that if you don't take complete and total control of that time. you'll live in the servitude of someone else's intentions and beliefs ABOUT YOU. So TAKE CONTROL over those first 30 minutes! It's damn time we started taking OWNERSHIP & AUTHORITY.

If you wake up feeling anxious, the last thing you should do is turn on the news. Choose something that uplifts, inspires, and sets your mind in motion to win the day. Better still, open your mouth and speak your Greatness into existence. Closed mouths do not get fed. Feed your mind the greatness you already possess. Make a declaration ahead of the ACTION you will take to move the needle on your life. Be willing to suffer the pains of retraining your mind to believe stronger than ever. Rise, and manage the noise in your head before it becomes YOUR reality. Doubts and fears will be a constant... but so is whipping their ass.

Train your insecurities TO BOW THE HELL DOWN to the dreams you are willing to go hard to achieve. And don't be afraid to go hard. Yes, You will fall from time to time but every time you get back in the game, the pain gets smaller.

Make that time SACRED. Give it to no one and nothing that does not serve to build and enhance the BETTER YOU. If it means you have to get up extra early, then get the hell up. This is about getting what YOU want and not living on autopilot.

Own your damn life. Make YOU important to YOU.

Be the damn Hero you've been waiting for.

Go. Be. Epic.



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