Gut-Check Real

By James Moorer - May 10, 2023
Gut-Check Real

Let's keep it real today. Like Gut-Check Real. 

I don't give a damn about your past, your parents, your hurts, your fears, your weakness. I give a damn that you try. Your excuses are not badges you hold up at a group meeting. They are the bricks you will use to reach your destiny.

But some people want to walk around and cry, "LOOK AT MY BRICK!!! MY PAIN!!!! MY EXCUSES!!!" And quite frankly, no one gives a damn about them. 

DON'T BE that person sitting around all butthurt because the people you started with are much further down the road to success than you are because THEY KEPT MOVING,

THEY kept going in spite of their circumstances. THEY kept moving in spite of their pain. THEY kept reaching even when they were in darkness. And they didn't waste time worrying when they could be working on their dreams.

Gary Vaynerchuk said it best, "The way to win is as old as time. Do the right thing and put in the fucking work." 

Stop looking at the world and asking why is it so bad. Start looking inside and asking, "HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?" Because if we are being REAL HONEST, nobody left you behind. You just stopped giving a damn... about you. 

Be WOKE to that before you claim to be woke about anything else in your life. Instead of walking around being self-deceived.

Go. Be. Epic. 


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