By James Moorer - December 29, 2022
Rise today and make the decision,
To plant your feet and declare your mission.

Lay claim to the dream that’s already yours,
Move with the confidence to open doors.

See the achievement ahead of the labor,
Enjoy the path and each moment to savor.

Create and let live the truth in your mind,
Leave all the fear and doubt behind. 

Do this for yourself,
Do this for the world.

Today is your day,
Let your flag unfurl. 

For you weren’t born to live then die,
We are of Spirit and meant to fly. 

So, move with me now, dear friend I adore,
Let us raise our eyes and let us soar. 

Go. Be. Epic.


*excerpted from GO BE EPIC workbook & journal by James Moorer & Aaron Silverman

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