Sometimes It's Just You

By James Moorer - January 25, 2022
Sometimes It's Just You
Your Marching Orders.
It's just you. 
You won't have people to support and uplift you.  You won't have a sudden spark of brilliance or hear something to inspire you. 
You won't be able to lean on what you did yesterday nor what you thought would help you when things get tough. 
All you have... is You. 
And YOU have to believe...
That YOU are... Enough. 
You have to be convinced and convicted that everything you have is everything you need. 
And all you essentially must do. 
And Believe and Move Forward. 
Because today it's just you.
You have to do it. 
You have to be your own Hero.
So put your damn cape on. 
Go. Be. Epic.
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